Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Your Church Preach Politics?

Now that the crazy political season is almost over, I was wondering how you feel about politics being preached in church.  My church hardly says anything about politics.  I like it that way. 
I can hear all the politics I want from the television, radio, blogs, and I even write about politics.  However, when I go to church, I like to just hear and sing about Jesus and all He's done for me and who I am in Him.  I like to be encouraged in my walk with Him and loving others.  I like a place I don't have to hear about politics.
I have a friend who left our church because our pastor didn't speak about politics.  She now goes to a church where the pastor preaches about politics a lot and she loves it.  I am happy for her if that is what she likes to hear. 

This past Sunday, our pastor did pray over the election and for the healing of our nation. He encouraged all of us to vote regardless of our party affiliation and then he asked us to pray daily for whoever is elected president. 
Yes, politics does impact our life in some ways but not that much.  I will continue to write about political issues that affect the family but our hope isn't built on what our government does or does not do.  It is built on Jesus Christ and His righteousness.

We must focus our attention on things above.  Reminding ourselves often that this isn't our home.  Our heavenly Father is preparing a mansion for us.  We are simply called to be salt and light to a very dark and decaying world. 
We know how the story ends and it isn't pretty for this world.  Everything will be burned so we must be known for loving others much more than we are known for our political beliefs.  Loving others is what changes others, not spouting off political issues.
Yes, continue speaking up for the unborn and the poor.  Keep doing what you can do positively affect society but mostly love and serve those that God puts into your path.  This is what He asks us to do.
And the Lord make you to increase
and abound in love one toward another,
and toward all men, even as we do toward you.
I Thessalonians 3:12