Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Reflections

How do you reach a large group of voters who want stuff given to them for free?  That is the big question that keeps coming up after the election.  They don't ask it that way but it is exactly what must happen if Republicans are ever to win the presidency again.
I once heard a quote long time ago that once people realize they can vote money into their pockets, the economy is doomed.  One caller called up on the radio and suggested we divide America up into two parts.  One part will be where the Republicans live and the other part will be for the Democrats. 
I love that idea but if you think about it long enough, you realize it will never work.  Where would the Democrats get all their money for all their social programs and free birth control?  They wouldn't have enough hard-working Americans to tax.  It sure would be fun to try, however.  {I realize there are many hard-working Democrats out there but there are a lot who have an entitlement mentality also.}
If you think about it, we live in a very liberal society.  The majority of the news programs are liberal.  The majority of schools are liberal.  Hollywood is very liberal.  However, it is amazing that 57,000,0000 people voted for Governor Romney who believes in life for the unborn, the sanctity of marriage, small government, low taxes, and getting out of debt compared to 59,000,000 who voted for President Obama.  At least there are a lot of us who are hurting together.
To think that we can ever turn this ship around, however, may be dreaming.  We know who the Prince of the power of the air is and he sure doesn't want goodness to prevail.  Our economy may crash and we can start all over...  As Christians, however, we always have hope.  God is in control and He promises us that He will always take care of us come what may.
Protect your children and raise them in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord.  Be very careful if you want to send them to public schools that have thrown Christianity completely out and teach humanism instead.  Pay close attention to what they are being taught.  I have seen too many children walk completely away from the Truth after being in government run institutions all of their lives.  It is too much time spent away from godly teaching.
In conclusion,  I was very sad the day after the election.  Yes, I grieved for this country and the future of it.  I know my hope is in Jesus but America is a unique experiment that has worked pretty good.  I hate to see it coming to an end and going the way of Greece.  But our hope must always remain in the Lord, not in this world's system.
Rejoice in hope,
be patient in tribulation,
be constant in prayer.
Romans 12:12

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