Sunday, January 13, 2013

Calling Evil Good And Good Evil

Supposedly 82% of women now view pornography.  Many women have read 50 Shades Of Gray and it has dramatically improved their sex lives.  Whatever you need to enhance your sex life, you should do since having a great sex life is much more important than pleasing God and dwelling on the good, pure, and just.

Abortions definitely should stay legal so women who get pregnant and don't want their baby can murder it.  It's "her body" and she should be able to do with it what she wants.  Being able to live her life the way she wants to is much more important than giving another human being life.

Sleep with your boyfriend and then live with him awhile to make sure all the parts fit and you are "compatible." You wouldn't want to commit to a life long marriage to someone without giving it a trial run first.  This way you can get out of it easily without any harm to either party.

Homosexuality is no longer called a sin.  It is even being celebrated and changing the definition of marriage.  Children as young as kindergarten need to be taught the history of homosexuality so when they get thoughts of "I wonder if I may be gay," they can continue dwelling on those thoughts, speaking those thoughts, and eventually living out those thoughts.

In the beginning of our country, the government was told to stay out of religion.  This is why people flocked here in the beginning to be able to practice their religion freely.  Now, we have changed it to religion must stay out of all government even though all of our buildings in the capital have Bible verses and the Ten Commandments imprinted upon them.

Therefore, we needed to kick God completely out of the schools.  You can't mention His name or pray or you will get in trouble. No cross emblem must ever be on any city seal.  No more Christmas, just Winter Holiday.  After all, we shouldn't offend the 5% or so who may take offense at the mention of  God.

People who don't want to work shouldn't have to work.  They should get free food, health care, and iPhones from those who do work.  They also should be able to vote for higher taxes on those who work.  Why should those who work hard have so much more than those who don't?  We need to work more on teaching equality than teaching responsibility and hard work.

Finally, people shouldn't have to take responsibility for their actions.  If you spill hot coffee on your lap, you should sue and get millions of dollars from McDonald's.  If you murder your grandmother with a hammer, you should only spend 17 years in prison, get out, and be able to murder two innocent firemen.  The death penalty has to go.  After all, it is okay to murder innocent babies but not convicted murderers.  They may have had a difficult childhood...

Woe unto them that call evil good, 
and good evil;  that put darkness for light, 
and light for darkness;  
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!