Saturday, December 20, 2014

Marriage is Healthy for Young Men!

When Ryan and Cassi met, he was in his second year of pharmacy school. He had already been really good friends with Steven and had discussed dental school with him. That fall, he began his third year of pharmacy school with rotations but decided he didn't want to be a pharmacist anymore. He began pursuing dental school after he pursued Cassi and married her!

Recently, I asked him how he liked dental school compared to pharmacy school. He told me he liked it SO much better. He said being married to Cassi made a huge difference. He wasn't nearly as stressed out. Cassi made his house a home. She fixes him nourishing food. She even makes bread from scratch for him every other week. She's his best friend and he can share anything with her. Ryan needed a help meet and Cassi makes his life much easier and more enjoyable for him. 

Many in today's society tell young people to get all of their education done before getting married so they put off getting married many years. Sure, Ryan and Cassi have to live very simply and forgo a lot of "pleasures" but they don't mind since they have a goal in mind. They love being married. Marriage is very healthy, especially for men!

My mom married my dad before he began medical school. Most people didn't let this deter them back in the "olden days." As you know, I don't believe young couples need to have all of their ducks in order to get married. All the Bible requires is that we marry a believer and it is better to marry than to burn. I would suggest also marrying a man who isn't afraid of hard work and desires to provide for his family. 

Let thy fountain be blessed: 
and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.
Proverbs 5:18