Monday, May 23, 2016

Childish Nature ~ Chapter Two

Your children are born in the flesh. It's not sinful yet since they haven't sinned, just as Adam's flesh wasn't sinful before he sinned. Babies react to their fleshly needs to eat and sleep. The desires and passions in the infant are not yet mature.  As he ages, he will find himself possessed of ever-increasing, natural desires for things "pleasant to the eyes," things "good for food," and for those things that will "make one wise" {Genesis 3:6}.* As they grow, they begin reacting in their fleshly lusts and desires. This is when you, as their parent, needs to discern the change and begin turning them towards self-control of the flesh, instead of allowing them to give into and seeking their fleshly lusts. You must teach them the difference between fleshly needs and lusts. It is your responsibility to train them to have self-control and discipline in all areas of their lives since the world will train them to give into their fleshly lusts and desires. You have been blessed with this incredible blessing from the Lord and He wants you to raise this child to be godly, clearly knowing right from wrong.

As babies grow older, they find ways to subtly manipulate their mother's tender heart. There are mothers who have their two years old child sleeping in bed with them since this is where the child wants to be. If they never train this child to sleep in their own bed while they are young, they will want to sleep with the parents for years. {Now, if the father is good with this, then it is okay.} You must train your children as soon as possible to do what you want them to do; not allow them to control you with their crying or temper tantrums. Yes, they will use crying to try to get what they want as they get older. They will continue to want to satisfy their fleshly lusts but this is where you must be diligent to teach them that the world does not revolve around them. As the child gets older, say from eight to twelve months, the adults in his life begin to recognize some of the child's behavior as selfishness and respond by paying less attention to his demands.*

Ken and I wanted to raise obedient children. We knew it would take a lot of work to change their fleshly wants to godly ones. Most parents wait too long to begin the training. They think it's cute when a two year old is pouting and stomping their feet, but it's not cute when they are a seven year old. Women who have done this then turn around and try to convince me that spanking doesn't work. We dealt with every behavior that wasn't good the first time our children misbehaved. We never laughed at misbehavior, but took it seriously. We steered them towards doing what is right, instead of feeding their fleshly lusts. The world is a powerful, unrelenting undertow pulling children to destruction. Looking at statistics alone, the probability is overwhelmingly against their moral survival. The training you give and the wisdom you impart can make all the difference in the outcome.*

Every day that you are blessed to have your children in your home, remember that your goal is to continually point them to self-control and to Jesus. In order to do this, you need to make sure that they care more about pleasing the Lord than they do themselves. Every boundary you make for them, back it up with the Word of God as they grow older so that they will know that when they disobey you, they are disobeying the Lord. Teach them to have a healthy fear of the Lord. Never be afraid of teaching them about the wrath to come for all those who refuse to believe in Him. Show them the love of Christ in all that you do since your modeling will be a powerful witness to them. You must deal with their sin seriously. The world won't understand this and will cry "child abuse" even if you only spank them on their behind since they celebrate sin. Everything a child experiences, either by way of indulgence or the self-restraint you impose upon him, is preparing him for the day when he will mature into a responsible, moral soul.*

"Teach them to submit to your authority. Discipline disobedience. Don't let your child rule the home. If you do, you'll be teaching them that they are king in their lives. They're not. It won't prepare them for wider social interaction. And it won't prepare them to meet the true King" {Tim Chester}

Train up a child in the way he should go: 
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6