Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stay Attractive For Him

Whatever you did to capture your man, do the same things until the day you die.  Never take him for granted. Always look and act your best for him.

How many of you take this advice seriously? I have seen many women let themselves go after they got married. They don't understand or don't care how strong the power of the visual is in a man's sexuality. God made them this way. This is why Jesus referred to men when he said a man lusting after a woman is committing adultery in his heart with her. 

Most husbands don't expect their wives to look like the models on television and magazine covers. They would like them to look the best they can, however. They like clean, nice hair, nice clothes, and a little make up. They like their women to stay in shape and look good. It is VERY important to them. 

Soon after Alyssa, my daughter, and Jon were married, she went through her whole closet and got rid of any clothes that Jon didn't like. She wears her hair the way he likes it. He works out hard to stay in shape. They both try to eat healthy. They want to please each other in the way they look and act.

Ken just told me the other day that he prefers my hair down rather than up in a bun. I took my hair down as soon as I got home, curled it, and won't wear it up when I am around him anymore. I, too, want to please him.  He likes to please me also.

We do have an obligation to look as good as we possibly can for our husbands. It is good for your marriage. It makes your man happy. It also makes you feel better about yourself. It helps you be more confident. Being healthy and fit gives you more energy.

So do what you can to keep your man attracted to you. It is important to him whether he tells you or not. Ask him what is important to him and what he likes. Before you got married, you tried looking the best that you could for him. You wanted him to like you.  Keep that same mentality up. Stay attractive for him! He will appreciate it so much.

She makes coverings for herself; 
Her clothing is fine linen and purple.
Proverbs 31:22