Friday, December 13, 2013

Nothing Like A Foot Massage!

Her job is a nurse to care for those who are dying.  She massages their feet.  She brushes their hair.  She encourages them to eat and take their pills.  She fluffs their pillows and speaks encouraging words to them trying always to make them as comfortable as possible.

Ken and I watched Christmas in Conway last week.  It was about a woman who was dying from cancer and the nurse who took care of her.  This touched me deeply.  After this past year, I truly appreciate those who try and make your life comfortable when you are in deep, physical pain.

My mom and dad would come over often.  My dad would give me long foot massages.  My mom would brush my hair.  Those acts of love meant so much to me...Just having that physical touch and pampering helped me through those dark difficult days.

Many times it is hard to know what to do to help those who are ill or hurting in some way.  Just being there goes a long way as well as the physical touch.  For one thing, it is relaxing and for another, it helps you feel loved.

I didn't feel like talking much for many months.  I didn't want people coming over and mourning over me.  I also didn't want people laughing and acting like everything was okay.  I just wanted to know people cared...

Cards, prayers, little emails and notes with encouraging words on facebook, all those kinds of things I appreciated very much.  I firmly believe that God loves others through people.  He never means for us to be alone for He puts the lonely in families.  We need each other to hold us up through hard times.

Watching this woman slowly die in this movie and watching her nurse tenderly care for her was a beautiful thing to watch.  She also had the complete support of her husband who grieved when she needed to sleep downstairs in a single hospital bed.  It didn't stop her husband from curling up next to her and cuddling her. One time Ken crawled in my hospital bed with me and the nurse made him get out...He still would crawl in with me whenever he could.

So if you know of anyone hurting or ill, be there for them.  Make their lives as comfortable as possible for them.  Massage their feet.  Life is hard but loving acts of people make it easier.

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2