Saturday, December 7, 2013

Seek Wisdom In Silence

The Bible exhorts women to "learn in silence with all submission."  {I Timothy 2:11}  This is not popular in this feminized culture.  In fact, it is very difficult along with our stubborn, we-want-it-our-way selves but this is clearly what the Lord wants from us.

Sarah's Daughter wrote a brilliant post about this topic and what it looks like.  So many women like to share their criticisms of their husbands to others.  Then, we love telling others what is wrong with their husbands.  Thirdly, we enjoy giving our husbands our opinions loudly and often, especially when they are in conflict with ours.

However, the Bible is clear with its command to us to learn in silence with all submission.  SD writes ~

A marriage is not helped by telling a wife what her husband is doing wrong. Neither can a wife help her situation by seeking this information from others. 

SD then writes about a woman who was very dissatisfied with her sexual relationship with her husband.  This dissatisfaction was harming her marriage.  Dissatisfaction ALWAYS harms a marriage.  We are commanded to be content in all circumstances.  The more we learn to love and value our husbands as they are, the better marriage we will have.

This woman finally came to the conclusion that the fault of her bad marriage was her behavior.   She went to the Lord and learned in silence with all submission.  What a fantastic testimony of a woman who is doing exactly what she needs to do to root out the sin in her life. She prayed about it, asked that it be revealed to her, sought wisdom, remained silent and contemplative, received revelation, and prayed for help.

Don't engage in criticism of others.  It is wrong!  We are commanded to dwell on the lovely and the good and to think the best of others especially our husbands.  I read of way too many women divorcing their husbands because they are not happy.  This unhappiness began in their thought life and dwelling on their husbands faults instead of his good qualities.

Take control of your thoughts and your mouth.  The Bible tells us to LEARN to be quiet and submissive.  It doesn't come naturally but with practice, all things are possible with God.