Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finally Out Of Pain!

Most people in Ethiopia have never been to a dentist.  If they have ever seen a dentist, it was without Novocaine.  My son, Steven, is a dentist.  Over Thanksgiving break, he went to Ethiopia.  It was the most fulfilling ministry he has ever experienced.

He went with a group called Ethiopia Smiles.  There were about 100 of them but only three dentists.  In the few days that Steven was there, he pulled out over 200 teeth after giving the patients Novocaine.  Many of his patients wept with relief after enduring many years of pain.  One older woman clung to his legs weeping and thanking him over and over. He plans on going to poor countries as often as possible helping people in poverty with a very tangible need that he can easily fill.  

One day, they went to a very poor village and if someone in his group accidentally dropped their plastic water bottle, one of the villagers would quickly pick it up and it would become a treasure to them.  They finally had their own water bottle to fill!

Oh, the things we take for granted.  Dentists, for instance.  We can easily go to the dentist and get our teeth fixed.  Water.  We go to our faucet and get clean water to drink.  

However, the most valuable thing of all that we have is Jesus.  He is readily available to all.  With Him, we have freedom from sin, eternal life, saved from the wrath to come, hope, a future, etc.  Even though these Ethiopians are extremely poor, as soon as they meet Jesus, they are rich.  But my God shall supply all your need, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. {Philippians 4:19}

So, yes, Steven filled an urgent need in Ethiopia but he also went to share the love of Jesus with these people.  Teeth may only last a lifetime, but Jesus lasts forever.

He that believes on me as the scripture has said 
out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water...
I am the light of the world:  
he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, 
but shall have the light of life.
John 7:38 and 8:12