Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Prayers Of A Grandpa

During his younger years, he was in the military and loved his country but, from all appearances, didn't have a strong relationship to God.  He married my mom's sister and they had three children.  {This is a picture of their 50th wedding anniversary.} Somewhere along the line, he dedicated his life to Jesus and prayed every day for an hour or two for each of his children, grandchildren, and anyone else on his list.

His three children had a rough life.  They all went through divorce and some rebellion.  Through it all, he continued praying and you know what, I am seeing the fruit of those prayers all these years after his death.  Several of the grandchildren are walking strongly with the Lord.

Three of them in particular stand out to me.  I know them the best so I can see more clearly what is happening in their lives.  His oldest daughter had two daughters from different men, and now her oldest daughter is simply amazing.  She married her "soul mate" and they are very involved in their church.

Her two children quoted scripture to me and she is crazy in love with her husband.  They don't make a lot of money but she is home full-time taking good care of her family.

The youngest daughter married five years ago and they just had a baby.  Her husband works hard to provide for the family.  She also is crazy in love with her husband and with her precious baby.  She stays home full-time taking care of her family and home.  Just today she posted this on facebook,  "I will never be ashamed of my faith."  On top of all this, she has lost a ton of weight and looks incredible.

His youngest son's son is walking with Jesus.  He is a precious young man that has some similarities to his grandpa.  He speaks his mind!  It may offend some but he says it as he sees it just like his grandpa did.  He is not afraid to call sin "sin!"

This precious grandpa's prayers are being answered...It is an absolute joy to behold.  With God, ALL things are possible and never underestimate the power of prayer!

And he told them a parable to the effect
that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.
Luke 18:1

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