Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Amazing, Unquestioning Love

Call The Midwives is a British show on PBS that I have been watching recently.  It is only a make-believe show but sometimes something happens that is so profound even in a make believe show that you have to share it with others.  {Several women have told me this is a true story which makes it truly amazing!}

There was an older white couple and the wife was pregnant.  She told the midwife that she married her husband because he was so kind and generous, not because she loved him.  He was always doing everything he could to show his love for her.

When the midwives delivered her baby, they delivered a black baby.  The midwives were very nervous about bringing the father in to see the baby.  When they finally brought him in, he looked at the baby and then asked to hold him.  He lovingly stroked the baby's hand and cuddled him.

We see him a little while later bringing the baby in to see the midwives because the baby was sick.  There was a voice then that said that he never asked any questions but loved the baby and his wife unconditionally and with unquestioning love.  He won his wife's love.

It reminds me of Les Miserables when the priest took in the thief who ended up stealing from him.  When the police brought the thief to the priest, the priest told the thief he forgot to take the candlesticks.  The priest's love eventually changed the thief into a completely new man.

God's love is like this.  He loves us unconditionally and unquestioningly.  He accepts us just as we are with all our sins and faults then makes His home inside of us.  He makes us into a new creature and convicts and changes us.  His love changes us.   May we use our love to change others.
Owe no one anything, except to love each other,
for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.
Romans 13:8