Monday, October 22, 2012

He Doesn't Want Sex

They haven't been married for very long.  They are both young and healthy.  They both love Jesus and are so very precious.  They both work hard and are fun to be with.

The problem...he rarely wants sex.  He is addicted to pornography.  She is miserable.  She was even contemplating divorce...

I tell her that we are not here on earth to be happy but holy.  {True happiness, however, is a by-product of holiness.}.  She is commanded by God to love her husband...period.  He is trapped in an ugly, destructive sin.  If she leaves him, it will only get worse.

I told her to love and serve him as God commands.  To win him without a word.  Mostly to pray for him.  She has a lot better chance of helping him by loving him than by being angry.

These are hard words but she appreciated them.  She knows they are Truth.  She doesn't want to give up.  She loves him and is willing to fight for him because that is what she has decided to do.

Many men, even Christian men, are addicted to pornography.  It is everywhere.  Sexy women are everywhere.  You can get it with a click of a mouse.  We must not let Satan win this battle.  We must continue to do spiritual battle for our husbands by loving and praying for them.

If they want to be held accountable, great!  If they want help, great!  For those who don't, remember God is the God of the impossible.  He came to set the sinner free...Free from what?  SIN.  Believe Him and rest upon His promises and His strength.
Love suffers long and is kind.
I Corinthians 13:4

Marital Oneness