Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gluttony And Pleasing Your Man

An interesting study is to look at the times when drunkenness and gluttony are used together in the Scriptures.  Both drunkenness and gluttony are from the same basic weakness ~ self-indulgence.

If you are a believer, you are filled with the Holy Spirit.  A fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control.  You must use the self-control that God tells you that you have to control yourself.  If you are taught as a child to control yourself {say "no" to yourself}, it is much easier as an adult.

I recently started reading a blog written by a woman who truly is seeking to be submissive to her husband and her God in every area of her life.  She has been amazed at the beauty of true submission .  I recently asked her a question about her desire to get in shape and this is what she wrote ~

And this gets into your questions about losing weight. I have always held an awareness of my weight. I have a threshold that I would reach and through disgust I would work to lose the weight. It wasn't until I stopped rebelling to RLB {her husband} that I committed to a body pleasing to him.

Never before have I been this committed and this focused. It has completely come from obedience to God's command to submit to my husband. The pop psyche "you've got to do it for yourself" is wrong. Myself, by myself sucks. Without submission, I succumb to temptation easily. I hadn't considered my gluttony until I was in submission.

A friend of mine told me many years ago that her husband didn't like sex because he had low testosterone.  She was overweight.  Years later, she lost a ton of weight and got into shape.  She told me her husband won't leave her alone now!

Would your husband like you to lose weight?  Ask him.  We are called in Scripture to obey our husbands in everything!  This is not taught today.  Women do not want to hear this but if your husband would love for you to lose weight, you need to do it for him.

Go on the Paleo diet.  Cut out all the sugar and desserts.  Go on long walks everyday.  Practice portion control.  Stop drinking alcohol.  Do whatever you need to do to please your man.  Christ died to free you from sin.  He tells us we have everything for life and godliness.  Start believing Him!

Now that you realize gluttony is indeed a sin, you are filled with the Holy Spirit who gives you self-control, and your husband probably would love for you to be in shape {Some men like some meat on their women. You must ask him how much meat he likes!}, you have no excuse to overeat and be out of shape!

You can do it!  God tells us His commands are not burdensome.  Speak affirming words to yourself consistently, "I CAN do this because He works powerfully inside of me!"

Be not be with heavy drinkers of wine,
or with gluttonous eaters of meat; 
For the heavy drinker and the glutton will come to poverty.
Proverbs 23:20,21