Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Be Not Afraid!"

Do you know this is the most repeated command in the Bible?  I wonder why that is?  Is it because we are to REALLY trust that God is ultimately in control? That we can rest in His will for us?  It is not easy. 

Erin said that since she had Emma she has to struggle with fear...fear that something could happen to her precious baby.  Jon struggles with the fear of losing the love of his life now that he has found her.  I had to struggle for over 20 years with the fear of never getting better.

We can all relate to some fears in our lives...some scary diagnosis, riots going on, national debt spiraling out of control.  The world is a scary place BUT GOD....I love that!

We had a wonderful couple over for dinner last night.  They have four children.  Six months ago their youngest son, Ryan (34 years old with an incredible marriage and three darling children), gave their oldest son, Chad, 60 % of his own liver to save Chad's life.  Shortly after surgery, Ryan, the one who donated his liver, died.  His heart stopped.  They don't know why. 

So the worst fear anyone can have happened to them.  They lost a child and not only that, but a child who was giving of himself to save his brother.  Here they are, six months later, having dinner with us...enjoying the food, wanting all my recipes, and laughing. 

BUT GOD pulled them through.  They still grieve but they know that many came to know Jesus through the death of their son and they take one day at a time with God's strength.  Oh man, do they long for heaven.

Joyce Meyer (Yes, I do love her.  She gets it.  She insists people know who they are in Christ!) taught today about resting in Jesus.  Up on stage she had a beach umbrella, a rocking chair, sunglasses and a hat.  She said when you start to worry and fear REST in Jesus!  Then she gave a good picture of what that looks like:  sitting back on the rocking chair with your sunglasses on and your hat over your face and rocking.  Resting in Jesus.  Knowing He is in control of today and all the future. 

He will be with you no matter what happens and give you strength.  "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purposes."  You can take that one to the bank!