Friday, June 3, 2011


We had a lot of boundaries for our children when we were raising them. We were definitely known as the "strict parents."  We didn't let them~

Have sleepovers...We wanted them under our roof at night. Nothing good happens late at night.

Watch movies or television shows with morals that were in conflict with ours.

Date until they were ready to think about marriage. They had to do everything in groups.

Allow our girls to wear bikinis. We believe in modesty.

Hang out with kids who had different morals and values than ours.

If they wanted to get into a relationship with a member of the opposite sex that wasn't firmly grounded in Jesus, we talked them out of it.

Some would say we were meddling parents. We would be warned that our children would rebel because we were so strict. My response to that was that children with rebellious hearts rebel, not children with boundaries.

We based all our boundaries upon Scripture, so they would know they were from God and not something we just made up.  We were given the responsibility to train up our children in the ways of God and that is what we did.

All four of our children have always walked with Jesus. They love Him and want to please Him. They thank us for the boundaries we made. They felt protected in them.  God gives us a lot of boundaries and they are all for our good.  I love God's boundaries.  I thank Him for them.  They make life much better.