Sunday, June 5, 2011

Large Families

Jesus, the Creator of the universe, God Himself, was raised in a large family.  He had four brothers and at least two sisters, because the Bible mentions his sisters.  That could be two sisters or five sisters.  We don't know, but we know it was more than one. 

His dad was a carpenter.  Carpenters aren't known for making much money.  Maybe this is given as an example to us.  Large families are good and you don't need lots of money to have lots of children like society wants you to believe.  God is our provider and it teaches us to rely on him.  We don't need bigger cars and nicer homes.  We need godly children to impact society for good

Dennis Prager, my favorite radio personality, thinks large families are the way to go, if God blesses you in that way.  He has met many children from large families and said they are generally much more generous and "other centered."  I had to learn to be unselfish.  When you are raised in a large family, you are forced to be unselfish.  You have no other choice. 

You learn from an early age that the world doesn't revolve around you.  The children have to learn to work hard and share.  They learn to get along with others at an early age. Most people who were raised in large families loved it.  They were never lonely.  They always had a playmate. They didn't have many  "things" but they were rich in relationships.

"Our children have learned that things do not bring happiness.  They can be selfish at times, but as a rule, with so many people running around the house there is no room for an "it's all about me" attitude.  There is always an opportunity to teach them to share and think of others first."
{Barbara Smith, a mother of five children}