Wednesday, June 15, 2011

High School Sweethearts

"A wise woman doesn't let little things stir her spirit to agitation.  With a quiet and meek spirit, she seeks to make all things better. Make a new habit.  Most wives reading this book were trained not to honor their husbands.  You were most likely trained by a mother's example to disrespect and resent your dad.  You were trained by watching your mom show displeasure at your father's bad habits, and nothing has changed in the way you relate to your husband.  It seems natural to be angry rather than to seek change for the better.  It is not easy to break a well-established tradition, but it will certainly be worth the effort." (Debi Pearl)

Yes!  Let's start a new trend in this generation...Loving our husbands...really loving them.  Letting our children know what a great dad they have.  Holding their hands in public and laughing with them.  Why should high school sweethearts look happier with each other than married couples?  It should not be that way.  Let's outdo those high school sweethearts!  We are older and wiser and know better.  We should be loving our husbands way more than those high school girls love their boyfriends~

who aren't working hard to provide for them,
who don't give them legitimate children to love and care for,
who don't commit their lives to them,
and who are probably using their girlfriends for their own pleasure. 

They have NOTHING on husbands who have made vows to us, committed themselves to us for life,  and put a ring on our finger!  Show them your appreciation every day.  Treat him like your Prince Charming and he just may live up to it!  So do make a new habit, a good one, a godly one.  It will benefit you, your family, and society greatly!

Above all, love each other deeply (especially your husbands)*, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  I Peter 4:8

*I added that in there! ;)

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