Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What If He Dies?

This is an excuse many women use for pursuing a career; their husband may die and who would take care of them then?  The Proverbs 31 woman didn't have a career yet she smiled at the future. Why?  Simple, she trusted God and His provision for her.

God calls most women to be wives and mothers but few women are listening to that call anymore.  We have listened to the lies of society that we need to take care of ourselves and get an education and career.  We cannot depend upon a man to take care of us.

God's design is for men to take care of their wives and children.  If this is His design, as we obey Him, He will take care of us.  I am presently reading a book given to me by one of the women I mentor.  It is titled On The Other Side Of The Garden.  It is very good.  Here is a quote from the late actress Ava Gardner pictured above ~

"I act for money, no other reason. Since I made my first picture in 1941, I have not done a thing that is worthwhile.  I have never enjoyed making films and I do not like being a so called film star.  I have not the emotional make-up for it, nor the love of exhibitionism.  I am much too shy."  Gardner once said she grew up hoping to find "one good man I could love and marry and cook for and make a home for, who would stick around for the rest of my life.  I never found him.  If I had, I would have traded my career in a minute."

Mrs. Fugate, the author, goes on to write ~

A woman who devotes her life to living Biblical womanhood chooses the most important career that any woman can possibly pursue.  The Biblical woman is the only one who can support her husband and so encourage him to be everything God intends for him to be.  A Biblical wife, by her submission, can be a testimony of Christ's selfless sacrifice in His submission to the plan of God the Father.  Her success as a Biblical wife is a confirmation of God's provision and her submission in marriage is a picture of the church's relationship to Christ.  Her dedication to her family, guided by her knowledge of the principles of Biblical womanhood, will provide the stability her children need as preparation for meeting the challenges of adulthood.  A woman can search to the ends of the earth for a way to serve God, but she will never find a higher calling or a more fulfilling one than that of helpmate to her own husband.

If God has called most {not all but most} women to be wives and mothers,
we can trust that He will provide for them.  Now remember, I am not opposed to women going to college and having careers, just make sure you count the cost and consider carefully the reasons for doing so.

Strength and dignity are her clothing,
And she smiles at the future.
Proverbs 31:25