Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fighting Infections Naturally

Doctors fight infections with antibiotics. My grandmother, who raised seven children, fought infections with lemon and honey water. I much prefer her way. There are no side effects.

When one of my daughters was young, she had quite a few ear infections. I went the medical route for awhile. She would get an ear infection and the doctor would put her on an antibiotic. I finally read Dr. Mendelsohn's book. He was a pediatrician for 30 years and said the children with ear infections who took antibiotics got well as quickly as those who didn't take any. The only difference was the ones who didn't take antibiotics didn't continue getting ear infections.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to develop immunities. I finally allowed her own body to heal her ear infections and she no longer got ear infections.  Dr Mendolsohn recommends that as soon as an infection begins, get off all sugar and eat pure, good food.

Several years ago, I got a bladder infection. It was extremely painful. I was even bleeding from it. I did not want to go on antibiotics, however. My gut is so sensitive from all the drugs I took trying to get rid of the parasites years ago.

I had Ken get me some organic cranberry juice from the health food store. I lived on that, lemon and honey water, and lots of vitamin C. Within several days, I was much better.  

After one of my babies, I got mastitis where the breast gets infected shortly after birth. It was also very painful. I kept warm heat on my breast and drank lots of lemon and honey water along with other fresh juices. Within several days, I was fine.

Our bodies do an amazing job at healing themselves if given the right fuel. I loved having Dr. Mendelsohn's book so I could know if something truly was an emergency or not. If it was an emergency, we definitely took our children to the doctor but most of the time, it was not an emergency and I just let my children's body do the healing.

Beware of taking antibiotics. They are way over prescribed now and lead to all sorts of diseases, I believe. My dad almost died from an antibiotic. I want to remind you that I am not a doctor. This is just my opinion so take it as such! Here is a list of my favorite healing products. They are tried, tested and true!

Lemon and Honey Water

Warm up a cup of water, not boiling
Put in a teaspoon or more of raw, organic honey and stir
Add the juice of a whole lemon

You don't want the water too warm or it will kill the vitamin C in the lemon juice.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

***Remember, I'm NOT a doctor. I'm just a homemaker who loves to research 

natural cures and have found many that have worked for my family and me. Information I have given is for educational and informational purposes only and to motivate you to make your own health care and dietary decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health care provider. Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or course of treatment.