Monday, April 1, 2013

Needing "Me Time"

My days seem so full from morning to end. Luckily I don't feel trapped. I know a lot of moms feel the need for ME time but I think I have very little me outside of my mothering/wife roles. I feel blessed to take such satisfaction in "my toil." My "me time" is getting a full night's sleep, deep cleaning or cutting up veggies without Piper clinging to my calves like ankle weights. I don't say BLESSED lightly. I know that God has done a work in find joy in what God has given me to do is pretty outstanding. I marvel at the peace I find through Him.
These words were written by Sarah to her mother-in-law, my best friend, Sandy.  She understands the beautiful ministry the Lord has blessed her with.  Is it easy?  No, it is extremely exhausting being a full-time wife and mother, forgetting about yourself, and using your life to minister to your family
God's ways are usually not easy.  They go against what we want to do and what society says we are suppose to do.  However, we find the greatest fulfillment and satisfaction when we do things God's ways and not our own.  The more you learn to give your life away and serve others, the better life will become.
If your home is full of a bunch of little ones, you have very little "me time."  Someone is always wanting your time and attention.  Continue to renew your mind with God's truth.  You are His servant sent to do His will.  His will is for you to love and serve your husband and children, to wash their feet with your life.

He will give you the strength you need to do His will.  You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.  If God blessed you with children, He will provide for you.  Trust Him!

Sarah is a godly, young woman who has learned the ways of God at a very young age.  Her husband, Zac, is blessed.  Her children are blessed.  Godliness with contentment is GREAT gain.

Strength and dignity are her clothing
and her position is strong and secure; 
she rejoices over the future.
Proverbs 31:25