Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trapped In Satan's Lie

My ministry as an older woman is to train younger women to be "keepers at home."  This is not popular today.  I get, "What if God has not called them to be keepers at home?"  Perhaps a few may be called to try to balance a career and a family, yet on this the scriptures are silent.  Unfortunately, too many career women don't  listen to the call of God to be a "keeper at home" and they discover too late that they sacrificed too much because they listened instead to worldly lies.

Sadly, many of our daughters’ friends are trapped by the lie that a woman’s life can only be fulfilled by a successful career. They put off child-bearing, strap themselves financially so that a “quiver-full” is out of the realm of possibility, and spend their lives in pursuit of all of the “stuff” the culture tells them they must have.

But many of America’s women have chosen death. They have been lied to. They listened to the hum of the humanistic culture and its promise of self satisfaction. They bought into the promise of college, career, and the collection of conveniences it provides.

These words are written by Dave Daubenmire.  His article is a very good one.  I would encourage you to read all of it.  He is right.  Many women buy the feminist lie that they must pursue an expensive education so they can have a career.

No where in Scripture can you find support for women leaving their homes all day to provide a living.  No where can you find that debt is a good thing.  No where can you find that mothers should not be raising their babies.

In fact, the Bible tells me to teach young women to be keepers at home so they will not blaspheme the word of God.  Many terrible things have happened since mothers left their homes.  Children are being educated and raised by strangers who don't train and discipline them in the ways of the Lord. Marriages are falling apart.  Women have no energy left at the end of the day to take care of their husbands.  

Watching women do it the way God intended is a beautiful thing.  Erin is pregnant with our second grandbaby.  She stays home all day taking care of Emma, her home, and Ryan. She told me she wakes up and is living her dream.  As a 3.9 Biology major with great ambition, her plans were trumped by God's plans to give her a honeymoon baby.  With Ryan's hard work and living simply, she is so happy to be home raising her precious gift from God and being a keeper at home.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord
the fruit of the womb a reward.
Psalm 127:3