Thursday, September 22, 2016

"No One That is Submissive is Happy"

Can you imagine this society without a rule of law? Few would stop at stoplights. They would go however fast they chose without worrying about a ticket. Hey, get drunk and drive home and if you kill someone on the way home, no big deal since there are no policemen and jails. It would be chaos! We have to live by the rules and if we don’t, we suffer consequences. 

People at work have to obey their bosses or else they will get fired. Children who obey their parents usually grow up to be children who obey all authority in their lives (teachers, coaches, and bosses) and make others’ lives pleasant. In every institution on earth, there is someone in the leadership position and all those under them are in submission to them.

I receive a lot of hateful comments as many of you saw when my post went viral. Our culture hates the truth of God’s Word and as everyone can see who watches the news, the rule of law in our land is meaning less and less and chaos is beginning to show its ugly face.

One woman made this comment on my Facebook Always Learning page, I don't tend to go on feminist rants but holy hell this Always Learning page is a huge help to the patriarchy...might I even say rape culture in one of these posts. I'm so grateful that I was not taught this way and have learned recently about how this type of thinking only breeds hate and system of oppression of women everywhere. This is the type of stuff on Facebook that actually scares me bc people don't truly think about what they are posting before they do it. Just because this lady is clearly a Christian doesn't mean what she is saying is worth any substance. Husbands and wives both need to be happy and no one that is being submissive is happy...ever. I can't.”

Therefore, according to her logic, all children who are submissive and obey their parents are miserable. All employees who are submissive and obey their bosses are miserable. All citizens who are submissive to their governments and obey the law of the land are miserable. All wives who are submissive to their husbands and obey them are unhappy. In conclusion, you can only be happy if you live in rebellion to all those who are in authority over you.

She is terribly mistaken. Most marriages where the wives become submissive heals and strengthens the marriage which usually results in making both of them happier. All those who are in rebellion to authority are the ones who are miserable. God has set an authority structure so there will be peace. When people obey those who are in authority over them, more people will likely be happy since things run more smoothly and those under authority must use self-control to do what is right.

It takes a lot more discipline to be submissive to authority rather than just do what you feel like doing. Most can see the chaos beginning to reign in our culture as many are doing as they please: broken homes, prisons overflowing, riots in the streets, less safety for all, STDs, drugs addictions, and miserable, unhappy people

She has listened to the lies of the enemy of her soul. I pray her blinders come off and she can see the error of her ways and decide to repent and follow the King of kings. I was happy, however, that she can tell that I am "clearly a Christian." This was my favorite part of her comment! I have never been happier in my life since I learned submission to my husband. We have a wonderful life together now that I am not continually battling his decisions and there isn't an undercurrent of disharmony in our home.

Unfortunately, this woman has twisted godly submission into an ugly thing. I love what John Piper says about submission: “At the core of all godly women, cemented in the soul, there is a simple but steadfast hope in God. It is from the security of this hope that wives fear nothing that is frightening — even submission to husbands who do not follow Jesus. These godly women adorn their souls with a peculiar beauty: not base servility or brash power, but a combination of humility and lion-like courage that the world cannot explain.

The world cannot make women this way. Their beauty comes from somewhere — from someone — else. With their souls beautified by God, Christian women display Jesus in such a way that unbelievers may be won to Christ, even without a word being spoken. (1 Peter 3:1)”

Knowing Jesus, loving Him, and living for Him is the only way to find happiness and joy. Many have tried to get me to change my message, tone it out, or stop writing, but Truth is the only thing that convicts and changes people, plus I only stand accountable to the Savior of my soul.

Happy is that people, 
whose God is the LORD.
Psalm 144:15