Sunday, November 13, 2011

Discontent Wives

Every Wednesday, Dennis Prager has a male/female hour.  It gives me a lot of information for this blog!  The other day a woman called up and said this ~

I am very unhappily married.  My husband works many hours.  We have a big, gorgeous home and two vacation homes.  I can buy anything I'd like.  We have three small children and I stay home full time raising them. 

We have gone to counseling for the past five years.  It hasn't helped.  I have a master's degree and had a successful career.

Dennis Prager asked what she would like her husband to do for her.  She responded, "I would like him to leave encouraging notes on the counter.  I'd like for him to hug me a lot and tell me he loves me.  He gets a lot of kudos out there in the business world.  I don't get any.  I want a relationship with him."

I didn't hear how Dennis responded because I had to get tires on my car, but I sure know how I would have responded ~

Men show love by working hard and providing for their family.  Do you ever thank him for that?

Men don't get many kudos out there in the business world.  They normally get torn down instead.  Do you ever try to build him up and encourage him?

Raising children is the most important thing you can do in contributing to society.  Children need a lot of guidance, love, and training.  If given this, they will make a good impact on society.  They need the stability of a mom and dad in their home.  They want a mom and dad at home.  Do you thank your husband for allowing you to be able to stay home so you can raise your precious children and not have to put them in someone else's care?

Did you know you can't demand someone to treat you loving?  Being angry and upset with him will not draw him to you but away from you.  Do you treat him warm and loving, making sure his time at home is pleasant and happy?

These are the things I would have asked her.  Women today think they will be happier if they get divorced.  They have so many expectations in a marriage instead of just being thankful and content for what they do have and showing appreciation for the good things their husbands do.

God hates divorce for a reason.  It leaves a path of destruction in its wake.  Do everything you can to hold your marriage together.  Do everything you can to make your marriage good.  Stop demanding your way and start loving and serving.  That is the path to true happiness.

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves
Philippians 2:3