Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Living

A wise woman sets a joyful mood in her home.  Through laughter, music, and happy times, she creates a positive attitude in her children.  She knows that a lighthearted home relieves her husband of stressDebi Pearl

Learning to be thankful is a very good thing.  Life is an enjoyable ride if you can learn to be thankful instead of grumble and complain.

Thankful for a husband that works very hard to provide for his family and is available to help anyone in need, including me.

Thankful for a daughter who found a perfect husband for her and they married on February 27th!

Thankful for my son and wonderful daughter-in-law who blessed me with my first grandbaby!

Thankful for a son who has steadily plugged away at his goal of becoming an orthodontist for many years and a daughter who brings us so much joy as she walks with Jesus.

Thankful for two cats that are kind and gentle {finally!}.

Thankful for my mom and dad who seem to be feeling much better.

Yes, this picture is from a long time ago but I just thought it would be fun to show you what my family looked like many years ago!  Very thankful for my sweet sisters also!

Thankful for wonderful friends.

Thanking Him for everything, small and big.  Thanking Him for trials, because they helped me lean upon Him more and loosen my grip on this world.

He is good and He is worthy of our praise!

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever
Psalms 136:1