Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Disgusted Man

Christian or not, the sad fact remains that it is the culture that is at the root of the problem. American women WANT divorce—whether they admit or not; whether they spout religious-sounding platitudes about it or not. The divorce rate speaks for itself.

Like you rightly pointed out on another post: our culture does NOT teach women to value men. At best, they only see us as ‘sperm donors’ and ‘bill payers’; and resent us for needing us for even that little. Men are utterly expendable in this culture and women feel ashamed of responsible men and turn to pursuing dead weight males who make them feel superior. 

This was a comment left by a man on another man's blog. This blog is written by a man from the perspective of a husband dealing with a feminist culture, even within the church.  He feels that most women will use any excuse to get a divorce ~

Pornography {even if the wife is denying him sex}

Emotional abuse {This can be used to cover a wide range of reasons to divorce.}

Not helping with the home and children enough

Working too hard

The wife isn't "happy."

You get the picture.  He said the divorce rate is 38% among Christians and that is way too high.  Christians should weather the storms together.  The ones who have come out of them usually have a stronger marriage.

He states that most marriages today are initiated by women.  I am not surprised.  Women expect a lot more in marriage.  They want a Prince Charming who makes them happy and can read their minds.  I know, I felt this way for many years and was very unhappy being married.

He also writes that most women want a divorce so they can marry someone else.  He thinks this is women's path of promiscuity, sanctioned by the church.  Sad, sad state of affairs.

Most men will rise to the occasion.  If he is being loved and respected, he will usually become a leader with confidence and lead his family well.

Let marriage be held in honor by all, and the bed undefiled. 
Hebrews 13:4