Thursday, November 3, 2011

Her Hero

We were all waiting expectantly at the doors outside of the Delivery Room.  Ryan finally came out with red rimmed eyes.   He told us of her pain and wept as he told us.

Ryan rarely cries, but seeing his beloved wife in pain was hard on him.  He doubted she would forget this pain for a long time.  As soon as Emma was born, however, Erin was laughing and smiling...So happy to meet her baby.

On my post entitled Honeymoon Baby I wrote that Erin said that Ryan was her hero.  Here are the comments that followed ~

Emm wrote ~

I think this attitude is interesting: "Ryan was her hero during labor." I'm really grateful for my wonderful husband's support during childbirth, but I'm pretty sure I get the hero credit for successfully completing an unmedicated birth.

Erin responded ~

I know you probably don't mean anything by this (the Internet is so strange that way, isn't it?), and I get that men are supposed to be the protector of the family and all, but let me just step right out and be Warrior Wife for a sec here, just to dispel any remaining doubts...


Natural/unmedicated birth is awesome and wonderful, but it is also stinkin' difficult. (Congratulations, by the way! I feel like there should be "Tough Mudder" shirts for us, too, yes?) Yes, we get credit--as all mothers do--for enduring untold levels of pain and discomfort...


I will hold my position, to my dying breath, that my husband Ryan was my rock and my hero in that delivery room. He is my heart, and strength was in his hands when he held mine. As long as he had my hands I could do it, but when he let go I was blacking out (yes, literally). I will never breathe a word of that birth without thanking Ryan for his strength. To have his heart and love and strength behind me made all the difference--and that is the very soul of a hero.

Plus, he kinda looks like a modern Clark Kent, and nothing is more distracting in a delirium
of pain than those clear blue eyes...

Isn't that precious?  She adores Ryan.  They are still madly in love...{See, I told you! ;)}

This is the verse she posted on her facebook wall the day that she married him ~

 I found him whom my soul loves; I held on to him and would not let him goSong of Solomon 3:4

P.S. Erin is almost finished writing a book.  I think it is going to be VERY good!