Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Hippie Story

The Pearls lived next door to this home that was full of hippies.  There were three of them, two girls and a guy.  They had wild parties all the time, smoking weed and blasting loud rock-n-roll.

One night, Michael Pearl went over to visit during one of the wild parties.  There were a lot of people there so they just thought Michael was one of them.  He had long hair, cut off jeans, and bare feet.  They were all sitting around in a circle, so he just sat down cross legged with them.

They were all telling stories, high as can be on dope.  Finally, it was Michael's turn to tell a story.  He told them about a man named Jesus.  He was born of a virgin.  He lived a sinless life and went around healing everybody that needed healing.  He even raised people from the dead. 

All the religious leaders hated Him because all the people loved Him and were listening to Him talk about loving others and the kingdom of heaven. The religious leaders were finally able to crucify Him on a cross.

Several days later, there was a huge earthquake and everything went pitch black for three hours.  The next day, the tomb where they had placed Jesus was empty.  An angel in the tomb told his followers that he had risen from the dead.  He had paid the penalty for our sins and now sat at the right hand of God.

All the people, in their doped up state said, "Wow!  That is the craziest story we have ever heard!"

Then Michael Pearl got up and left.

The next morning, he met one of the girls outside.  She said to him, "Man, you messed us up.  Us three usually sleep together but after that story you told, we couldn't.  Something felt wrong about it."

He then proceeded to tell all three of them more about Jesus and the salvation that He provides to anyone that believes.  Two of them walk with Jesus to this day.  The other one lives a homosexual lifestyle and refused to believe.

The power of the gospel... Amazing!

{This was one of the stories Michael Pearl told when we went to his week long conference.  It is how I remember it so the details aren't exact but I know it is close because it was a story I couldn't forget.}

They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your household." 
Acts 16:31