Thursday, November 1, 2012

Are GMO's Bad For You?

Yes, I believe they are very bad for your health.  Here in California we have a proposition on the ballot to label all foods with GMOs. There is a huge campaign from big companies to vote down this proposition.

One of my friends wrote on facebook,  "What's it say when Dupont, Dow, Bayer, Pepsico, Coco-Cola NA, Nestle, Conagra, General Mills, Del Monte, Kellogg, Hershey, Hormel, Ocean Spray, Sara Lee, Campbell and Mars are spending huge sums of money against the labeling of GMO's? Monsanto has so far spent $7,105,582!"
GMO stands for genetically modified food.  Man thinks he can improve our food and make it better than the way God created it.  Dr. Oz said GMOs are in 90% of corn, soy, and canola.  He said the only way to assure you don't get them in your food is to buy local or organic.
This is where I go back to good old common sense.  Food that man is messing with can't be as good for you as food the way God created for us to eat it.  Several men on The Dr. Oz Show said that GMO food leads to a dramatic increase in cancer and other diseases.

Be educated and don't take your health for granted.  Dr. Mercola has a lot of articles on GMOs.  I would suggest you read some of them.

Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you
and that you may be in good health,
as it goes well with your soul.
3 John 1:2

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