Monday, November 12, 2012

Problems With Submission

Many women, even Christian women, have problems with the concept of submission.  When I hear this, I think it means they have problems with wives submitting to husbands.
I doubt they have problems with children submitting to their parents.  Children need to learn to obey their parents and do what their parents ask them to do.  I doubt it means they have problems with citizens submitting to their governments and obeying the laws set forth unless they conflict with biblical principles.  I doubt they have problems with employees submitting to their employers.  Employers want employees who do what they ask them to do and follow their rules.
Therefore, I think the only time these women truly struggle with submission is in the area of marriage.  Bottom line, we really don't want any one else telling us what to do except our parents when we were children, our government so our society can run smoothly, or our employers.  So what they really mean is they don't want their husbands telling them what to do.
Every institution has to have a leader in order for it to run smoothly.  If there are two leaders, there are usually quarrels and strife.  This is not a good thing and does not lead to peace which we are to pursue.
No, submitting to your husband isn't always easy but most husbands don't ask that much from their wives and most of them respect their wives' opinions.  Men want and need respect, however, and one way of showing that is by doing what he asks you to do, the way he wants you to do it.
It usually isn't that big of a deal but we women, somehow, make it out to be a big deal and fight it.  When we finally give in and accept it as the way God intends for it to be, peace reigns in our home and family life.  God's ways truly are the best.
Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.