Monday, June 17, 2013

Are Women Happier Today?

Are women happier now than years ago?  We are taught to be strong, independent, and make a name for ourselves.  Most women seem to be in a continual fight with their husbands because they want to wear the pants in the relationship.  Here is what a commenter on another blog wrote on this very topic ~

Would you rather be happy or right? That’s a question my father once asked me when I asked him why he was putting up with a veritable hail of whining from my mother. As it turns out, he should have been asking my mother the question.

Men tend to ask themselves this question on a regular basis, opting for happy. For women, the idea never occurs. Everything is about truth, justice, and the feminine way.

The fact is women were self-reportedly more satisfied with their lives when they spent their days caring for their children, maintaining the house, cooking delicious meals, and exercising so she could flash her husband a view of her shapely thighs as she headed upstairs for the night. Never mention this fact to the modern woman as it will give them the vapors. “But that’s, not right! Women didn’t have CHOICES! They were basically SLAVES! They didn’t have INDEPENDENCE! There’s no way they could have been happy.”
I think he is right.  I know I lived most of my married life wanting to be right rather than happy.   Happiness comes from doing things God's way, not my way.  Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding. {Proverbs 3;13} 

Most women don't seem too happy today.  Many woman I mentor are angry, bitter, and resentful towards her husband.  It usually starts with an unthankful heart.  "He's working too hard."  "He doesn't help me around the house enough."

As I have grown older, the more I realize that the relationship is much more important than being right.  God didn't make us the same.  Every human being is unique, made in the image of God, and is gifted with different skills and abilities.  It is so sad that we have forgotten this solid evidence and tried to make everyone the same.

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