Friday, June 7, 2013

Contacting The HPV Virus

Michael Douglas stated that his throat cancer may have been from the HPV virus.  On Good Morning America, a pediatrician said that all pre-teens should get the vaccine for the HPV virus since every body is sexually active in their twenties.

This drives me CRAZY!!!  They just can't say it. They refuse to speak truth but instead give people an out for bad behavior. Instead of practicing abstinence until marriage, just take a shot so you can fool around as much as you want without consequences.

I don't see how a vaccine can prevent all the sexually transmitted diseases one can get from oral sex or intercourse. They are lying to us! They think a vaccine or a condom will prevent all disease. Why are they so afraid to say the obvious? You won't get a sexually transmitted disease if both spouses have stayed pure until marriage. Monogamy is safe. It is God's protection for us.

They think young people are incapable of monogamy. They think it is normal to sow rebellious seeds and fool around with numerous people before marriage. They don't believe if you teach children as they grow up the importance of saving themselves for marriage they can actually follow through.

They think we are no more than animals. They believe we have come from monkeys and we can live as we please since there is no Judge. They don't believe in a Creator who gave us a guidebook to follow that admonishes us to flee sexual immorality because when you are sexually immoral, you are reaping the consequences in your own body.

They still promote free sex even though they know the consequences are deadly. Many young people are, unfortunately, falling for their lies. They don't see the amazing benefits of purity until marriage.  They don't realize that doing things God's ways reaps amazing blessings.

Teach your children early and often of God's ways. Don't let them hear the ridiculous lies of society. Satan is the prince of the power of the air and wants nothing more than to destroy your precious children. They aren't animals. They can be self-disciplined and self-controlled. They really can.

Flee from sexual immorality. 
All other sins a person commits
 are outside the body, 
but whoever sins sexually, 
sins against their own body.
I Corinthians 6:18

***May 2015: California Senate has just passed a bill that mandates ALL children to be vaccinated in order to attend school due to the measles outbreak where 130 people got measles, not one was in the hospital because of it and not ONE died from it! I guess a lot more parents are going to be homeschooling their children so they don't have to be bullied by our government to do something they are opposed to doing.