Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Naked With A Smile

This is all most husbands want...a naked wife who smiles a lot.  They want a joyful wife that enjoys life with him.  One who doesn't feel it's her "duty" to keep him fulfilled sexually, but enjoys pleasing him in this way. 

Gabrielle Reece is being lambasted for saying things similar to this and that she chooses to serve her husband.  She even uses the word "submission."  Ken and I were discussing this recently.  It's okay for a mother to serve her children out of motherly love.  It's okay for a woman to serve her boss for the sake of getting a paycheck.  But serving her husband out of love for him...NO WAY!

Most men aren't that complicated.  They don't care if their wives look like models.  They want a woman who will love them as they are, not argue with them, allow them to be the leader, fix them good food, be happy, and give them lots of sex.

I have known women who dress in the closet.  They don't want their husbands to see them naked.  They want the lights out and the covers over them.  What does their husband want?  Have they ever asked him?  I doubt it because most men wouldn't put an order in for a wife like that.

Find out what pleases your husband.  What will make you most beautiful to your husband is a happy, joyful spirit and being naked for him a lot!

She that is married cares for things of this world, 
how she may please her husband.
I Corinthians 7:34