Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seeds Of Rebellion

If you see any signs of rebellion in your children, please deal with it when they are very young.  The younger you deal with this, the better chances you have of raising children who are not rebellious.  The first place to start is when you ask them to do something, do they do it right away?  If not, deal with it quickly. 

One young woman told me when she asked her two and a half year old son to come to her to change his diaper, he ran away.  I told her she must take a wooden spoon or some other object and spank him on his bottom hard enough so it will hurt.  She told me it worked beautifully.  She never had to spank him because if she just shows him the spoon, he obeys.  The best thing would be for a child to obey you before he even sees the spoon!

I realize spanking a child is very controversial in today's climate.  However, I will always teach what the Bible teaches regardless of what "the experts" are saying.  Rebellion is a terrible thing and must be dealt with or you may end up having a child that causes much pain in your life later on.

Make sure you recognize true rebellion.  If a child whines a lot, have a certain place you make them sit until they can control themselves.  This is teaching them self-control which is important for them to learn.  Whining isn't rebellion unless you tell them to stop and they continue.  Any time they don't obey you, it is rebellion so deal with it.

The sooner you deal with it, the easier raising children will be for you.  I have seen way too many parents allow their children to continually disobey them when they were growing up and the children turned into rebellious adults who usually resent their parents.  Children want to be self- disciplined but it must be taught to them.  Their lives will be so much easier if you take the time to discipline them when they are young and obey you promptly.

Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.
Proverbs 13:24