Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wonders Of Black Salve

This is my opinion only!  I take no responsibility for the results you experience with Black Salve, but my family has had wonderful experiences with it.
I bought it many years ago and I forgot who told me about it but it has gotten rid of moles, warts, pre-skin cancer and skin cancer.  It truly is amazing.
If you have something growing on your skin, you put a big blob of it on a little round band aid and put it on your sore, mole, or wart.  Wait 24 hours, then take the band aid off.  Sometimes it stings a lot.  That definitely means it is something that needs to go.
I had a sore on my chest that was getting redder and wouldn't heal.  I put some black salve on it and it immediately started stinging.  It stung the whole 24 hours and when I took it off the sore was a white, swollen, and full of puss.  The thing that is great about Black Salve is it only goes after the cancer, wart, or mole.  The skin around it gets a little red but that is all.
When you take the band aid off, clean it with hydrogen peroxide, put a dab of Vaseline {I got my Vaseline at the health food store so there wouldn't be any petrochemicals in it} on it, and put another small round band aid on it.  Do this every day until it is healed.  This is the key to having the smallest scar possible.   Sometimes it leaves a little scar, but if you went to a doctor, they would probably leave a bigger scar.  You can get a fever using it.  We've never gotten one but I heard it is possible as your body fights the injury.
Usually after several days, the root will eventually fall out and leave a hole in your skin but it will heal.  Sometimes if the wart or mole is a little stubborn, I will keep it on for 48 hours.  I would suggest doing no more than one area at a time so you don't overwhelm your body.
I love finding things like this that I can take care of instead of going to the doctor.  We have had amazing success with this and will keep on using it since it works so great!  I got mine from a man at {800} 793-7345.  It is called Virxcan.  I like getting it from him because he has a quality product and you can ask him questions.  We have had our small jar for many years and all of my family uses it.

I just found out you can order it on Amazon HERE.
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