Monday, August 27, 2012

Julia Child's Marriage

We watched  Julie And Julia the other night. I loved watching the interaction between Julia and her husband. They adored each other. She was always laughing and happy with him. She listened to him and you could tell that she greatly respected him. She would come home every day during lunch to make love to him. It wasn't a chore to her. It was fun and exciting.

Too many women think of making love to their husbands as a chore. We forget it is an important part of loving our husbands. Don't forget to enjoy your husband. You did while you were dating him so I am sure you can while you are married. Forget trying to change him and being critical towards him. 

It is so enjoyable to watch a husband and wife enjoying each other; laughing, talking, and flirting with each other. This seems to be the best testimony for marriage. People enjoy being around happily married couples. Work on becoming that kind of a couple.

The very best gift you can give your children is a happy marriage. They would love seeing their mommy and daddy loving each other. This is their greatest security. Happy, secure marriages make for happy, secure children.

Start being playful with your husband. Laugh at his jokes.Smile at him often.  Enjoy making love to him. Everyone benefits...society, children, and yourself.

Let your fountain be blessed:
and rejoice with the wife of your youth.
Proverbs 5:18