Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making The Bed

My sisters have very pretty beds.  They like the sheets folded back just so and the pretty pillows placed in a special order.  Their husbands know this and when my sisters don't have time to make the beds, their husbands make it just the way they like it!

My sisters have learned  and practice biblical submission.  Neither of them were too good at it when they were younger but now have wonderful marriages.  Both husbands are very happy men and like pleasing their wives.  They are the leaders in the family and they are good leaders.

Women don't seem to know that when they start loving and serving their husbands, their husbands will love and serve them, even in the little things.  You reap what you sow, but why is this concept so difficult to understand?

I have always been a woman who seeks after God.  I have always wanted to please Him.  Carol Hopson {my mentor} asked what opened my eyes to the truth of biblical submission.  I told her it was Debi Pearl's book.  Debi told me I needed to start smiling at my husband and enjoying him.  She told me I needed to stop trying to change him.

How come I didn't see that in all the hours of Bible study I have done in my life?  God tells us to love Him and love others.  It is so simple.  If you truly love others, you will want to make them happy, even in the little things.  You won't always want your way.  You will want to serve them.

Thankfully, it is never too late to change.  My sisters and I all have good, solid marriages that have withstood the test of time.  God has been good and gracious to us and very patient!  We must be good, gracious, and patient with others.

What little thing does your husband like you to do?  Ask him and next time he needs it done, surprise him by doing it!

She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:12