Monday, March 23, 2015

A Warm Home is a Comfortable Home

My Mom's home was warm and comfortable. People loved coming to our home when I was growing up. All of her furniture was very comfortable. She always had a big bowl of salad for people to help themselves to and big canisters of raw nuts and dried fruit on the counter. {She's always been a health nut!} She loved entertaining and feeding people. She fell in love with all of our boyfriends and was heartbroken when the breakup occurred. Our boyfriends all loved her also! She made people feel welcome in her home and had an open door policy. She was available to whoever stopped by for a visit.

My sister, Alisa, is the same way. She loves having people over. In fact, her home is almost always filled with company. Since her malignant melanoma diagnosis, she eats completely different. She is in her kitchen often fixing nourishing, healthy food for her family and anyone who drops in. When Alisa talks with you, she looks you in the eyes and carefully listens. She trained her children to do the same. She asks questions about your life. She isn't distracted by other things. She won't leave to answer a phone when you are talking to her. She makes you feel like you are her best friend. She makes people feel loved. This is why she has MANY friends. Plus, she is SO generous. In the evening, she has her fireplace lit and people gather around eating and having a wonderful time. Her home is always warm and comfortable. My other sister, Debbi, is the same way. She loves to have people over and is extremely generous and loving towards others.

When I choose furniture, it HAS to be comfortable. I care way more about comfort than style. When I am up to it, I love to have people over. We have had many family parties here. For awhile, when most of my children were around, I would have them all over for lunch after church and anyone else who needed a warm place to eat home cooked food. 

We are called to hospitality. Our homes should be places that people can come and feel loved and cared for. Our homes shouldn't be in constant disarray so we feel uncomfortable having people over. We need to discipline ourselves to keep our homes as clean and tidy as possible, if we are able. We need to love others earnestly, as the Bible commands. Our homes should be known as places that others come and feel warm and comfortable.

But hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, 
upright, holy, and disciplined.
Titus 1:8

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