Friday, March 27, 2015

Difficulty of Being an Older Woman

It's not easy being an older woman trying to teach young women in this day and age. Submission is a dirty word. Keepers at home doesn't really mean being at home. Modesty doesn't include bikinis since everyone wears bikinis and children should be able to rule the home. Firm discipline is a no-no.

I teach things so contrary to even Christian women. All of the excuses I mentioned above have been thrown at me by Christian women. If you want to be an older woman who teaches young women, you must develop a tough outer shell and be confident in what you teach. Many older women just don't feel they can do it. It's difficult but knowing I teach the Truth of God's unchanging Word, having Ken's support, along with my Mom and Dad and many others, helps tremendously!

Satan has so manipulated the word submission that it is barely recognizable today. Most Christian marriages don't want to say there is one leader in the home. Both spouses are the leader. Little do they realize that a submissive wife is a strong woman. It takes strength to give up your will and trust your husband to lead. It takes strength to honor and resepect his wishes knowing that when you obey your husband, you are obeying God.

Many older women have a difficult time teaching young women to be keepers at home since they have careers and are hardly ever home. God commands older women to teach young women and I know this is a ministry that is badly needed in our churches today. Yes, I realize some women have no choice but to work. I am addressing those older women who want to work so they can have more money and stuff, instead of ministering to the young women around them in any way they can.

Modesty means different things to different peoples and cultures. The best way to find out what modesty is is to ask a godly man his honest opinion. He will most likely tell you the more flesh, the more difficult it is to not lust. Bikinis are NOT modest.

Concerning children; no, parents are to rule the roost. When children rule, chaos reigns. It isn't easy to discipline your children but it is something that needs to be done. 

If God commands that older women teach young women, it only makes sense that young women should have teachable hearts, willing to listen to older women who have good marriages and raised godly children. If you can't listen to them and trust their wisdom and experience, who can you listen to?

I just received this comment from a woman who I shared these thoughts with, "I agree, we need more women not repackaging the Word, as to not offend modern Christian women. Modern? God is timeless and His Word transcends the ages. Modern is an excuse to continue living from a position of "self," packaged as new and improved. How quickly we forget how appealing deception is; one of the empty promises of sin. Continue boldly speaking and teaching Truth. What a mighty ministry you have been entrusted to carry out. As Pastor Bob often reminds us, 'If the Truth is not acceptable to you, you are welcome to leave.'" ;-)

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; 
but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, 
having itching ears.
2 Timothy 4:3