Sunday, March 6, 2011

Criticizing Other Preachers

The disciples were concerned because someone that was not "one of them" was casting out demons.  Jesus responded by saying..."for whoever is not against us is for us." {Mark 9:40}.

So if there is a preacher out there who I think is too soft on theology or saying things I don't agree with, as long as they believe in Christ and Him crucified and risen, I don't want to criticize them anymore. After all, God can use a crooked stick to win others to Him.

No one has it exactly right. We can't put God in a box. He is big...really BIG and who am I to question who He will use or not use. Now that doesn't mean we have to watch them on television or go to their churches or read their books.

I will go to a church that teaches truth as I interpret it but I will try not to put down those that don't believe exactly as I do. I love what Michael Pearl says about this, "End negative speech about everybody and everything except sin and the devil."  Any preacher who claims to love Jesus may be winning many to the Lord and that is what is important!

"There are no perfect men and no perfect churches--just a perfect Bible.  Read it and believe it.  All of us ministers are passing.  We flame for a little while and then are gone, replaced by another son of Adam.  Place no confidence in man, including Michael Pearl, for his confidence is in God's Word alone." Michael Pearl