Friday, March 25, 2011

Do You Believe In Birth Control?

Ken and I are reading through Romans together and we were reading about those who reject God and one of them was "inventors of evil things" and birth control popped into my head. The things I write about are my convictions so if you don't agree with me that is okay. I don't have to be right about everything...I just like people to ponder some things that are contrary to popular culture's opinions.

Did you know that all the great theologians of the past, Spurgeon, Luther, etc. preached against birth control?  So what are the good things about birth control? 

You can decide when and if you are going to have children and how many. 

 They can be helpful to prevent pregnancy for a mother who is very ill and shouldn't have any more children. 

Ummmm, what else?  The negatives ~ 

The pill stops a normal bodily function, can cause breast cancer, can abort babies, is polluting our water {with large amounts of estrogen which is deforming frogs and causing all kinds of other problems}, can cause infertility in women, allows sexual promiscuity without having to worry about having children, eventually led to abortion {if you develop the mind set of when and if you should have children, you can kill them in the womb if they are an inconvenience}, led China to a one-child policy which has led to the drowning of baby girls, the spermicides used in diaphragms and condoms have dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer, takes all trust away from God providing and deciding when and how many children.  Once birth control entered America, it became a slippery slope down to the devaluing of life.

Now I am not saying all kinds of birth control are evil or sinful because the Bible doesn't address that issue directly.  I think every decision is between a husband and his wife and what they want to do about it.  I respect that.  I just thought I would give you something to think about...

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalm 127:3