Friday, May 20, 2011

Complaining and Arguing

There it is again...Do all things without complaining or arguing. {Philippians 2:14}  Did you notice the word "all"?  How did the Church miss this? We are taught to teach the couples we mentor how to argue fairly, but Scripture teaches us to NOT argue at all, so I would much rather teach them to not argue than how to argue. 

I have already written a lot about arguing and how I stopped arguing with my husband.  It has been wonderful!  It makes for a much more peaceful and pleasant life.  How many marriages and friendships could be saved if this simple admonition was taken seriously and practiced?

It is so easy to complain.  I walk 45 minutes every day. The last 15 minutes is all uphill. Every day I am tempted to say, "Now for the hardest part" but I have caught myself, because I remember I am not to complain about anything.  My neck flared up again and I have been flat on my back icing it for the past week.  It is so tempting to complain about the cards I have been dealt having a bad neck and being bed-ridden for a lot of the past 20 years, but I remind myself I am not to complain and to accept it willingly.

Mark Driscoll calls it "sanctified suffering", because, as a believer, God uses my suffering to be made more like Jesus.  Besides, nothing is accomplished by complaining, except to take away the enjoyment of others and not please our Lord. 

We are not even suppose to complain about the weather, instead, everything we say should be good and pleasing.  Instead, wake up and say, This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!   The words you speak have a lot of power over your behaviour and mind-set.

I know I write a lot about these issues, especially regarding marriage, but we are told to encourage one another daily.  We get so bombarded with messages from society that it is easy to drown out Truth.  I love being reminded of Truth and teaching Truth.  I hope you do also!