Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Health God's Way

Meal planning is quite simple in my household.  I buy things as close to nature as possible and I just buy the freshest ingredients I can find.  I have many delicious recipes that contain a lot of the same ingredients {chicken, beef, beans, and rice} so I make sure I always have all those ingredients on hand.

We eat food the way God created for us to eat and I clean with vinegar, soap, and water.  I make my own laundry detergent, lotion, and deodorant {the very best EVER}. Very simple. I cook almost everything from scratch and try eating food that is in season. Good health is worth it. Losing your health is very expensive and no fun {I know}!

I know the rules for good health keep changing but I keep going back to the idea that if our Creator made it, it's good for you. Man can't improve upon what God made. 

So we eat lots of organic salads. Organic is how He made it...without lots of toxic chemicals. "But organic is so expensive!"  "Yes, but cancer and heart disease are much more expensive."  We also eat fruit, fermented grains, soaked beans, organic meats and eggs, butter and hard aged cheese, extra virgin olive and coconut oil...You get the idea.

Everyone that has tried my salad loves it. The key is to have a great salad dressing. This is fabulous dressing and so good for you.  I put my roasted chicken on top of the salads with good, aged cheese, tomatoes and avocados.

We use Stevia, organic raw honey, and pure maple syrup to sweeten things with. I believe artificial sweeteners are terrible for your health! Everyone now understands how detrimental sugar is to our long-term health.

I make everything from scratch. I think it is sad how few women cook these days.  I believe that is why there is an epidemic of cancer, heart disease, and all sorts of other illnesses. I read that most women dig their husband's grave with a fork by refusing to fix them nourishing food.

My mom was told by doctors she would never get well from ulcerated colitis when I was five years old. She went on all organic fruit and vegetables juices and got well. Her colon is perfect now and has been for many years. 

My homemade kefir is great for a bad stomach and digestive problems. I was always told good health begins in the gut and all the antibiotics destroy the good probiotics we need for healthy digestion.

Just because doctors say it is incurable {meaning drugs and surgery can't make you well}, doesn't mean your body and the incredible immune system God gave you can't make you well if you treat it right!

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, 
who is in you, whom you have received from God? 
You are not your own
I Corinthians 6:19

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