Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Power Of A Woman

Although a good woman can lift up a poor husband, a good man cannot make up for the deficits of a poor wife and create a family with a good reputation. Debi Pearl

The Pearls commented at a conference we went to years ago that they have counseled many men...It didn't change the marriage.  When they counseled women, marriages changed.  I guess it goes along with the verse that states that they {husbands} may be won over without words {from their wives}.  No such promise is given to men.

Should this upset us?  Say, "That's not fair?"  NOOOO!!!  It is amazing the power that God has given women to change a marriage....basically by not arguing, being joyful, serving, and loving!  Be excited about that.  After I read Debi's book, I felt empowered, like I had the keys to a great marriage. I tried it and it worked.  You should try it also.  A great marriage is priceless!

{Now I understand that there are some real bad men out there that no matter how happy and unselfish you are, it wouldn't change a thing.  One of my first posts was about this:  Judas or Peter.  So this isn't a formula that works in all marriages, just most of them.}