Monday, May 23, 2011

Take Him As He Is

Take him as he is, and you will be happy.  He loves God, the library, and that order. Always keep dinner warm in the oven. *  This is the advice Margaret's mother gave her on the day of her wedding.  Very wise advice, I think.  You can't change your husband.  Let me repeat that,  "YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND!"  I know...I tried for 23 years and all I got was a lousy marriage. 

You can't make him love you. 

You can't make him treat you special. 

You can't make him help you with housework. 

You can't make him give up his sports. 

You can't make him love going to parties.

Oh, you can try, but it will just destroy your marriage.  So advise the younger women to think carefully before they marry someone.  Are the habits and actions of the man they want to marry something they can live with?  If not, don't marry him and don't try to change him into the man that you want him to be.  The only person you can change is yourself.  So work on yourself and let the Lord work on your husband.  He does a much better job, trust me.

*First We Have Coffee by Margaret Jensen