Monday, May 2, 2011

Help For A Colicky Baby

Emma Rose had pretty bad colic.  She would also have this projectile vomiting at least once a week and spit up frequently.   One day I remember that Dr. Marshall said that giving the mother at least one teaspoon of air dried sea salt every day would help the baby's colic, if the mother was nursing her baby. 

Good air-dried sea salt creates good stomach acid which helps digest food.  I recommended to Erin that she should try it.  So that morning we put a teaspoon of sea salt into some juice and she drank it down.  It was pretty nasty! 

Alyssa recommended she mix it in with an avocado.  She liked that much better, but you can just start heavily salting your food {NOT with the junk salt they sell in the normal supermarket!}. 

It has worked amazingly well.  Emma hasn't vomited or spit up at all since then and her colic is so much better.  Even her skin looks so much better. It is so fun to find something so simple that works so well. 

I get my pink salt from Dr. Marshall but I am sure you can get some good air-dried sea salt at health food stores. Just make sure it is air dried and not processed in any way.  Dr. Marshall likes Mediterranean sea salt the best. It is also good for every body's gut health, not just babies.