Monday, May 30, 2011

Ear Infections In Children

My children got ear infections when they were small.  I tried the antibiotic route and they would just continue getting ear infections. Alyssa even had tubes put into her ears.  The book I always referred to when I was raising children was How To Raise Healthy Children In Spite Of Your Doctor.  It is written by Dr. Mendelsohn who was a pediatrician for 30 years.  He treated many children with ear infections.  He found that those treated with antibiotics healed in the same amount of time as those not treated with antibiotics.  However, those treated with antibiotics had reoccurring infections and those not treated, did not. 

He believed the immune system was able to build up an immunity to the infection, if it was allowed to fight it without antibiotics. He suggests taking them off all sugar. He gives this advice whenever they get sick with anything. Put warm olive oil into their ear, not hot, but warm.  Then put a heating pad on the ear and give them Tylenol, if the pain is bad.  When I tried this with my youngest daughter, it worked wonders.  Her body was able to eventually fight the infection and she was completely free from ear infections. Some VERY good drops to put into an ear to help it heal quickly is Wally's Ear Oil. It is a blend of almond oil, with essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, echinacea root, garlic, and mullein.

Another thing you may want to try is Manuka Honey diluted with some distilled water and put some drops in the ear since it is known for it's ability to fight infections. Do everything you can to keep your children off of drugs, if at all possible. They don't help a body build a strong immune system. Just remember, I am not a doctor and I am only sharing with you what I have learned and what worked for me!