Monday, January 30, 2012

Because You Love Him

A challenge came to me...It is to be entitled Imagine The Impossibilities.  A bunch of women are taking the challenge to do something they think is impossible.  I was encouraged to write about loving our husbands.

  I Corinthians 13 gives the best definition of what loving your husband looks like ~

Love is patient ~  Are you patient with your husband and allowing God to work in his life instead of nagging, manipulating, and controlling him?

Love is kind ~  Are you kind to your husband and treating him better than you treat others?

Love is not jealous ~ Are you jealous of your husband, maybe when he goes golfing with the guys while you are stuck at home?  Or do you encourage him and are happy for  him when he gets to have fun and do something he enjoys?

Love does not brag and is not arrogant  ~  Do you respect your husband's ideas and plans?  Do you share your ideas with him in a humble way?

Love does not act unbecomingly ~  Do you put on your best behavior for your husband? This means no pouting, yelling, or silent treatment to get your way.

Loves does not seek its own ~ Do you want your husband's best?  Do you seek to please him and make him happy?

Love does not provoke ~ Do you act gently with your husband?  Do you allow him his opinions and support them, even if you disagree with them?  Do you honor him?

Love does not take into account a wrong suffered ~ Do you hold onto grudges or do you forgive quickly and easily as Christ forgave you?

Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth!

Love bears all things ~ All those habits that you don't like of his and that annoy you, you bear them, because you love him.  You put up with his in-laws, friends, and the toilet seat up, because you love him.

Love believes all things ~ You believe the best about him.  You know he has faults, but you choose to dwell on his good qualities, because you know everyone has faults and because you love him.

Love hopes all things ~ You hope for the best in him.  You praise him even when he isn't worthy of praise, because you love him.

Love endures all things ~ You stay married to him until death do you part.  You keep your vows through the good times and the bad, because you love him.

Love never fails ~  Even when you don't "feel" like you love him, you love him because you base your love on a decision and a commitment, not on a feeling.

You love him, because he is your husband and you are commanded by Almighty God to love him.  He is a gift from God to you.  You want to please and obey your Maker and you know His ways are good.