Friday, January 27, 2012

Natural and Healthy Cold And Flu Prevention

My children never had cough medicine, a decongestant, or went to the doctor when they had a cold or the flu.   When they got a cold or flu, I would give them a lot of fresh lemonade or lemon and honey water, along with fresh fruit until they felt better.  Then I would give them homemade chicken soups with my broth in it that clears congestion.  

I never gave them anything to bring down their fever, unless they were absolutely miserable.  Fever is the body's way of fighting off the bad bugs.  As soon as you feel a sore throat coming on, start gargling every 15 minutes with salt water, even snort it up into your nostrils {not pleasant, but helps a lot} or take a teaspoon of Manuka Honey which is great at killing bacteria and viruses.

The book I went to all the time when my children were young was How To Raise Healthy Children In Spite Of Your Doctor.  It was written by a doctor who was a Pediatrician for 30 years.  He recommends taking children off all sugar as soon as they get sick.  He also gives advice when something is really an emergency like when a fever is too high and you need to take them to the doctor.

I rarely took my children to the doctor...mostly for broken bones and things like that.  I believed that their bodies were meant to fight most illnesses and diseases if nourished and taken care of properly.

Every morning, I have a big glass of tea with the juice of a whole lemon in it sweetened with stevia or raw honey.  It is a wonderful way to start off the day.  It is very alkalizing and cleansing.  I always have a huge salad once a day.  This provides all the minerals your body needs.

Drugs are great for emergency situations, but they don't heal your body.  Your immune system does that.  So the key is to keep your immune system strong.

One of my favorite blogs for recipes and health advice is The Nourishing Gourmet.   I like her philosophy on health and the recipes I have tried from her blog are great.  All of my recipes on my blog are simple with healthy ingredients.  That is the way I like to cook and my family likes to eat!

The LORD will sustain him on his sickbed 
and restore him from his bed of illness
Proverbs 41:3

Here is a short 2-minute video about vaccinations.  Worth the time to watch.
Be educated.

P.S.  I have been told to always inform you that I am not a doctor!  I have just studied and experienced many health issues.  So I teach out of my own experiences and what I have studied.