Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girls Going To College

When I went to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California in 1976, it cost $3500 for everything; room, board, and tuition.  I just looked on their website and for this upcoming year, it will cost almost $50,000. This seems absolutely ridiculous to me. Most kids coming out of college have such a heavy mountain of debt. Debt is not a good thing. The Bible warns about having debt.

My best friend was able to put herself through Westmont by working in the summers and a little bit during the school year.  There is no way a student could pay their way through Westmont now.

Most Christian parents want to put their children into Christian colleges, because of the humanism that pervades the public universities. Dennis Prager, a radio personality, thinks kids should remain drunk throughout college if they go to public universities because they teach such terrible, destructive ideas. It would be better for them to stay drunk, in his opinion, then turn completely away from God's truth.

Dr. Brian Abshire wrote this ~  We do not need more female Christian lawyers, doctors or artists, but more godly women raising more godly children who will fill the earth and subdue it to the glory of God. And does it really make economic sense to invest tens of thousands of dollars for a woman to get an advanced education {often having to go into debt to finance that education} that she will not use if she accepts that her highest calling is to be a wife and mother?

Words to ponder. Instead of Christians in America taking the admonition to be fruitful and multiply, other cultures who believe in having large families are about to take over Europe, Japan, and the United States in the coming century through immigration.

So teach your sons to  be strong and self-governed who will work diligently to provide for their families and be good leaders. Teach your daughters to rejoice in their duties as wives and mothers. If they desire to go to college, find out a way for them to go that won't put them under a huge mountain of debt and won't cause them to walk away from their faith.

Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease. 
Jeremiah 29:6