Friday, January 6, 2012

A Cure for Acid Reflux Heartburn and H-Pylori Without Drugs

After my first brain surgery, I had acid reflux and heartburn so severe that I was in constant burning pain. After the second one, I had h-pylori which caused a burning stomach. I went on drugs that stop stomach acid for many months but it didn't help at all.  I tried changing my diet, eating small meals, having my bed elevated, everything we could think of to try and get well. 

Nothing worked until I listened to Dr. Marshall. He said that acid reflux and heartburn are caused by too little stomach acid, not too much.  He said no one has too much stomach acid.  The reason you get that burning pain is because your food isn't digesting well and is rotting in your intestines. This creates lactic acid which pushes up into your stomach and esophagus and burns like stomach acid. 

The way I got better was to take hydrochloric acid and digest pills after every meal.  I also started eating a lot of kefir {organic, whole yogurt is good also}. 

So if you are having lots of gut problems, I would suggest getting HCL, digest, and eating kefir.  I get my HCL and digest from Healthline because it has worked so well for me.  Also, make sure you are eating good, air-dried sea salt. The sea salt helps produce stomach acid which we digest food.

For my h-pylori, I found Amy's blog and followed her protocol of mastic gum and strong probiotics to help get rid of the h-pylori and it worked! I even was tested and my stool came back clear. I always look for natural ways to get well since there are just way too many side effects with drugs and they usually do not heal you.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest 
prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth
III John 3